Plus Size Men’s Mafia Underboss


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Like a BossWe would never condone unlawful behavior. Not only is it inconsiderate, but there are some pretty hefty repercussions waiting for you if you decide to break the law. And yet, we still can’t help but envy the suave style of a cunning gangster. You know, the kind of mafia mastermind who can manufacture a makeshift method to get their mitts on a stash of cash from bank vaults! They always dress like one smooth criminal and, by golly, we want to look like a gangster too! If only there was a way to get the look of a mob boss from the 1920s without actually getting mixed up into all of that criminal activity…Wait a minute! Our costume designers cooked up this Mafia Underboss costume for just that reason. And there’s certainly no crime in looking like a mob boss!Design & DetailsThis plus size costume comes with everything you need to get started with your classy crook get-up. The costume comes with a pair of pants with an elastic band in the waist for a comfortable fit. Designed with a pinstripe pattern, they do a great job of capturing that 1920s gangster style. The included suspenders are adjustable and button into the front and back of the pants. Finally, the included tie is a clean, white color that matches the suspenders, giving you a dapper look that’s ready for a heist. Just pair it up with one of your own button-up shirts and you’ll be ready to become the head honcho in your neighborhood.Dapper with a FlapperYou’ll have the dapper debonair look of mob boss when you wear this exclusive plus size Mafia Underboss costume. We recommend pairing this outfit up with our many flapper costumes for a couples look that’s completely unstoppable!