Plus Size Lederhosen Costume


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Until you’ve enjoyed a pint of beer in decorative breeches while dancing for all of your buddies to see, you haven’t really lived. Just… Trust us.Imagine for a moment the 7 million liters of beer gulped down by attendees of Munich’s 2013 Oktoberfest. It’s almost too difficult to intuit, all that beer, waiting to be tapped from innumerable chilled barrels, resting quietly, patiently, in some reinforced steel bunker with lines leading all over Bavaria, and finally pouring out of taps and into your stein. Yes, yours!And what better way to knock that dance off of your bucket list than drinking a few of those 7 million liters? You have our blessing, dude, but make sure you have one of these breeches for the inevitable merriment, festivities, and spills!