Plus Size Fezzik Costume from The Princess Bride


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A Rhyming WonderAre you looking forward to Halloween? It seems it ought to be your scene. Try dressing as Fezzik, the gentle giant From The Princess Bride and none too violent.You’re sure to enjoy all the funwhether alone or with everyone!Okay, give us a break. Fezzik and Inigo made rhyming look so easy. We just don’t have the gift of gab that Fezzik did. He’s a man who has it all… well except money and the traditional handsome quality of the man in black. Still, he’s the biggest and the strongest and he doesn’t even exercise. It just so happens that he’s also the one who makes that happy ending happen! After all, if it weren’t for him, Inigo would have never sobered up, found the man in black, and the trio would have never broken into the castle to save the day! Design & DetailsYou’ll be leaping into the fun in no time when you hop into this officially licensed Fezzik costume from The Princess Bride. You’ll love how much fun it is to become this awesome character thanks to this Made by Us design that recreates the famous movie character. Start with the seemingly simple beige tunic with tie closures. Or, we suppose, you could start with the pair of blue striped pants. That all depends on your preferred dressing order. But, the brown boot covers should definitely be the final step… (unless you want to get a head of curly black hair). Choose Your DialogueRemember, when you’re heading off to bust into the castle, you want to choose the right movie quotes. Going into a rhyme battle with the knights is unlikely to give you a victory. But, also remember you’re not a fairy tale character, so don’t go setting your Fezzik costume on fire, either! We need this guy around for a happily ever after!