Plus Size Dipsy Teletubbies Costume for Adults


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Here Comes the Baby SunHave you ever heard any of the crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the Teletubbies kids show? There are definitely a few! Some theorists claim that the show is able to hypnotize or brainwash children who watch the show. Others say that the baby in the sun is actually a demon, based on a couple of freeze frames during the opening theme song. With or without the theories, lots of 90s and 2000s kids will recognize your character in this Plus Size Dipsy Teletubbies Costume!Product DetailsThis large, green body suit has everything you need to become Dipsy! The suit zips in the back and has plenty of padding to put the tubby in Teletubby. As part of our Made By Us collection, we made sure to add all the details, including attached mitts for your hands and foot covers for your feet to keep everything lime green. The torso features a white rectangle to represent the Teletubby screen. The head piece is separate and has large ears and Dipsy’s straight antenna. Time for Teletubby SnacksWhich do you think you would prefer, Tubby Custard or Tubby Toast? No matter what foods you decide to eat at the party, you can pretend it’s one of the Teletubby classics while looking the part. But the best way to complete this look is to grab some friends! You can find Tinky-Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po costumes on our website, so you and your pals can dance and wiggle together, Teletubby style.