Plus Size Bride of Frankenstein Costume


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Dr. Frankenstein has a pretty unique way of making new friends. Whenever he gets lonely, or bored with his current group of reanimated pals, the good mad doctor puts on his lab jacket and goggles, and literally makes some new friends. When you’re wearing our exclusive Plus Size Bride of Frankenstein Costume, you’ll look as stunningly spooky as the classic monster herself!At first, giving yourself a monstrous bridal makeover without first obtaining a mad-science degree (or even a mad-liberal arts degree) might seem a little wierd. Back in Dr. Frankie’s day, monster-making required a ton of special equipment, a castle that also doubled as a giant lightning rod, and access to a bunch of… ahem… we’ll just call them “spare parts”. Even if you managed to find enough compatible parts and stick them all together the right way, it took some serious voltage to wake them up! And then, if you somehow got everything to work and your creation comes to life, you had a big, strong, and probably very confused monster to take care of, and the local villagers might not be too thrilled about that.Luckily, these days it’s so much easier to just dress up as the infamous Bride of Frankenstein than it is to make one from scratch. We’ve designed this lacy open-shouldered dress to give you a haunting style for your paranormal nuptials, with the crushed velvet material and included choker giving you a supernaturally sassy look! Add our matching Transylvania Wig, or your own gothic-style hairdo, and be glad you didn’t have to dig up any graves to complete your costume, like Frankenstein used to. That’s pretty frowned upon these days…