Plus Size Adult Tooth Fairy Costume


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Grin and GrimaceIf you think about it, the prospect of losing all your baby teeth is pretty horrifying. If it wasn’t normal, it would be the stuff of nightmares. Kids have to deal with days of a wiggly tooth only to have their front tooth dangling from a thread. Then comes the parent who has all sorts of horrific ideas on how to best pull it out. Yikes! No wonder we need the promise of a tooth fairy who will give kids cash money. At least there’s something to look forward to in this weird little toothy plot. But if you think about the tooth fairy as a character, even that’s a little off. Sneaking into kid’s bedrooms while they sleep to trade their ivories for cash. Pretty twisted if you look at it from afar!Costume DetailsWhether you’re looking at the tooth fairy from a twisted angle or if you want to embrace the happy side of this childhood persona, this plus-size tooth fairy costume will have everyone grinning in no time. The costume comes with a top that has a tooth printed on it so no one can miss who you are. White shorts with an elastic waistband are layered underneath the fluffy white tutu. Complete with wireframe wings that slip around your shoulders with elastic straps and a silver headband, this tooth fairy costume is a great pick for Halloween and beyond!Molar of the StoryLosing a tooth is when kids learn that even something as gross and painful as losing a tooth can be worth it in the end. This costume is great for parents that want to dress up for the occasion and watch their kid laugh with their adorable gap-toothed smile. You can also break it out for costumed 5ks, parades, and hygiene events for school. What better character to represent consistent tooth-brushing than a grinning tooth fairy?