Plus Muscle Chest Shirt 1X


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Need to buff up a bit before you can pull off being a superhero or a professional athlete? But who has the time to go to the gym for 12 hours a day to look like The Rock? Not you, not us, not anyone… well, besides The Rock we suppose, but not the average, everyday kind of people. So we thought up a much simpler solution to this problem and we think you’ll like it better than hitting the gym hard for the next ten years.All you need to do to look like you are at the top of your physical peak is toss on this Muscle Man Chest Shirt! This polyester shirt is filled with stuffing in all the right places and will make it look like you’ve been secretly working out under the harshest training regimen any man has ever heard of, for decades. If you’re ready to go out as the most intimidating pro wrestler or toughest comic book hero in the world grab this accessory and start busting out the muscle man poses.