Plus Gothic Witch Costume


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She can cast all sorts of spells. Once she even made all the men go out and rescue kittens because she felt like they could learn a thing or two about life from the beautiful creatures. Crazy, we know but at least she uses her power for good.Or, at least most of the time.The enchantress Gothic Witch really has a big heart. She may look dark and gloomy in all black, but she just wears black so you don’t see her black cats fur all over. She owns over 20 black cats and sends them on missions. Once we heard the cats even went grocery shopping for her. But, she got upset when they came back with over 100 cans of tuna fish. However, she did not stay mad for long. Rather she made a bunch of tuna salad and went out dancing. When she isn’t training her cats she is cooking up trouble for men. But, over all she rather be with her kitties. You can be just like the beautiful with in the Plus Gothic Witch Costume. The 100 percent polyester costume is made for the perfect Halloween. The dress is long and black with flame cut edges. For extra appeal there is a thigh high split in the skirt. The costume includes a wire rim hat adorned with a silver buckle. Go out and set some spells.