Playtime Sheriff Women’s Costume


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Arrest at the ClubThere’s a time and a place for everything, they say. While it’s not always the right time to show some skin, we can think of plenty occasions that are! People always want to look their best at the club, for example. Maybe your friend is throwing a costume party, and that person you’ve got a crush on will be there. Or maybe you just want to look more than cute for your own enjoyment! You’ve got a body, and if you want to rock it with some steamy outfits, that is totally your choice. You’ll definitely get some attention in this Women’s Playtime Sheriff Costume!Product DetailsThis sheriff costume has all the equipment you need to be looking your best. The top has plenty of stretch to hug your curves, and the front zipper can be as high or as low as you like. We love the detail of the cutout cold shoulders, too! Tie on the red bandana for that extra dash of Wild West flair. The bikini bottoms are printed to look like denim, just with more stretch. The brown belt features a metal buckle and straps of matching fabric that fall just above the knee. Try a pair of over the knee boots, like the model here, or you could opt for stockings and heels instead. The hat is not included, but check out our website if you want more sheriff related items!Ready for the Wild WestDressed up in this saucy take on Western fashion, you’ll be ready to ride! Whether your journey takes you to a popular club or an intimate party, we think you’ll be dressed for success. So saddle up, sheriff, because this town is in trouble, and it needs your hot fashion choices to save the day!