Pizza Slice Costume for Toddlers


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Pizza really defies all logic. It’s a giant lump of bread with random toppings and tomatoes, and sometimes they look like a big old mess. Normally, that’s the kind of thing that a kid would turn their nose from, but pizza? Well, pizza seems to make it work somehow. Kids just can’t stop eating it. Our theory is that children are inescapably drawn to melted cheese (and sticky things, but that’s a whole other topic). So, how about dressing your child up as his favorite dish this Halloween?This toddler pizza slice costume turns your child into the irresistible food! The costume includes a foam tunic the rests comfortably over your little one’s shoulders. It’s a simple outfit, so your child can wear his regular clothes underneath with no fuss. The front has a printed gooey cheese pattern on the front, topped with tasty pepperonis. You may have to remind your child that it’s just a costume, since it looks good enough to eat.Of course, no slice of pizza is complete without a few more to back him up, so we recommend that you get a whole crew of kids together dressed in this pizza outfit. That way, you can become an entire pizza pie on your Halloween outing this season. You can even find adult sized pizza costume, just in case you want to match your little bundle of joy’s delicious style.