Pirate Captain Meyer Hat


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We’re not really sure why pirates always get called swashbuckling. That’s partly because we don’t know what the word swashbuckling means, and partly because we think one of the defining features of a classic pirate costume is a classic piece of headgear, like our exclusive Captain Meyer Pirate Hat. Okay, okay! We’ll look it up. It says here that swashbuckling is a compound word that’s part reckless sword-waving and part carrying a small, round shield. But any knavish halfwit can waggle a sword about like a ninny! It takes a pretty smooth sailor to make it as a pirate, and the sharpest among them couldn’t care less about a silly little shield. They’re all too busy admiring the look of this Captain Meyer Pirate Hat, which their instinctive pirate shrewdness led them to purchase. They know that these detailed hats, designed and made by yours truly, are a real barrrgain!