Pirate Captain Beard


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Captain Black Beard, The Barbarossa Brothers, and the Flying Dutchman. What do all these pirates have in common? They all have amazing beards! If you want to be one of the greatest pirates to have ever sailed the seven seas then you need to have a beard that is out of this world. We understand that not everyone has the time or the ability to grow sea-faring facial hair, so, luckily for you, we have this Pirate Captain Beard readily available.Once you have the perfect captain costume picked out, along with a stylish pirate hat and a pair of pistols or swords, you’ll be ready to complete your dastardly look using this scruffy accessory. You won’t have any problem commanding a crew of scalawags, they wouldn’t dare disrespect a man with a beard like this! If you’re ready to start your career as one of the most feared pirates to sail the ocean blue, then grab this Captain’s Beard and start your endless search for booty.