Pirate Braided Wig with Bandana


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It’s a little known secret that pirates actually put a lot of work into their hair. Finding just the right beads and bones can take ages. Perfecting braids and dreadlocks? Hours of practice. And let’s not forget how long pirate hair can be! That’ll take a few solid years for sure to get a long enough mane to work with.Which is a problem if you’re deciding to be a pirate in anything less than five years. And, if we’re being honest here, not everyone really wants to commit to dreadlocks and braids for that long when they don’t intend to be a pirate the whole time. Which is why we have this Buccaneer Braided Wig & Bandana. It’s a fully synthetic black wig with several braids, leather strands, beads, and a red bandana. That’s right. You could have instant piratical locks without all the time and effort. Sure, some might call it cheating, but pirates usually embrace that sort of thing. It’s not like there are any rules about pirate hair, they’re more what pirates like to call ‘guidelines’ anyway.