Pink Wacky Child Wig


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A HECTIC HAIRDOYou know those moments when your kiddo looks at you about four minutes before school and lets you know that it is one of those special holidays. “It’s whacky hair day!” They might have mentioned it a week ago. Maybe even last night or this morning when you were busy getting their hair ready for a normal day. Aren’t there calendars with this info!?Well, no matter. You’ve got to get your comb and a fresh can of hair spray and you can just quick undo the work you’ve done so they won’t be a laughing stock as the only one with ‘regular’ hair! Or…PRODUCT DETAILSOf course, if you have this Pink Whacky Wig, you never have to worry about such a disaster again. This bright pink wig is as vivid a color as anyone has made and the tall point of the style gives your kiddo a look that nobody else can possibly replicate! TIME FOR THE TROLLS?While this Whacky Pink Wig is really perfect for everyday wear, we think it is particularly great if your kiddo wants to dress up as a troll. We’re not talking the scary under-the-bridge types. We mean the adorable singing forest troll types! (Then again, some bright hair under the bridge might cheer those beasties up, too!)