Pink Pop Singer Costume for Girl’s


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A Singing Super StarThere are so many types of music out there, from jaunty polka tunes to hard-core metal, and each kind has its die-hard fans. But everyone can agree that one type of music transcends the march of time and is sure to be just as much a classic 50 years from now as when it first exploded onto the music scene. We’re talking, of course, about pop music. Everyone knows that pop musicians are never just a fad or a one-hit wonder. No, pop music is just as meaningful years later, even when the references are extremely dated and the slang isn’t in common usage anymore.It makes total sense, then, that you want to become the world’s most famous pop singer. You can sing about stuff that really resonates with your audience and was never covered by other songs, like first kisses and painful heartbreaks. Your songs will be totally unique and never sound like other slick, pre-packaged, coldly calculating song sensations written by a team of writers who are in their 40s and know what buzzwords to include to ensure their work rockets to the Bilboard Top 20. You’ll be real and raw and authentic, as you dance along in shimmery pink dresses and plenty of glittery eyeshadow!Product DetailsHit the stage in style with this Girl’s Pink Pop Singer Costume. The exclusive dress is covered in fun, glitzy pink sequins. It’s 100 percent polyester and made to pull over your shoulders for easy wear. There’s also a fiber filled microphone covered in pink sequins to make it sparkle when you’re singing your heart out! Now you just need some cute pink boots to complete the look!A Sold Out ShowHurry up, your fans are waiting! You’ve got to give them a great show, and you know you’ll look like the super star you are in this Girl’s Pink Pop Singer Costume. Let’s start the music!