Pink Mermaid Costume


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No Really, I’m A MermaidWell, that’s not something we hear often.When mingling on the social scene, chatting with potential new friends and (maybe) connecting with a possible future romance, we tend to offer similar tidbits of personal information at first. “I’m in school to be a (fill in the blank)” and “I enjoy doing (insert your answer here)” are both extremely popular ways to initiate a conversation. Preferring a more direct and creative approach, this conversation trailblazer likes to cut to the chase. She leads in with “Hi I’m (so and so) and I choose to live boldly and freely as a mermaid.” It’s fearless, fierce, and she’s destined to make an unforgettable first impression. The pink mermaid costume is a prime selection if you’ve often felt like a mermaid stranded on land and/or your evening goal involves conversing with as many new people as possible.    Product Details A wise person once said, “anything worth doing is worth doing extra,” and now it’s our personal mantra. (Okay, okay, we’ll admit it. It was us who said it.) If you’re nodding along in agreement then step into this hot pink holographic midi skirt featuring a sassy scale print and a flared glitter tulle “fin” bottom. The bra-top, styled to look like two sea shells held together with a beaded flower decal, offers adequate support while flawlessly adding the right amount of “extra” to complete the sea-siren ensemble. Put the SHELL in BombSHELL           Splashing the right amount of saltwater into your captivating style will yield enchanting results. Make people think you “washed up like this” by styling your hair into relaxed, beach-tousled waves. (Mermaid hair, don’t care.) Add rhinestone encrusted bracelets and earrings, a pearl choker, and sky-high stilettos, then sit back, relax, and watch as mermaid mania sets in.