Pink Baby Beer Bottle


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BABY ME. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Responsibilities are inescapable when you’re an adult. There’s work, bills, children, spouses, house projects, and landscaping to tend to. When you reach a certain age, it seems as though the only way to free yourself from obligations is to revert back being a baby. But since that isn’t possible, we suggest using the baby beer bottle. It will make you feel like a little-diapered dude or dudette, one that can drink an adult beverage. It’s the only way to fuse your reality with the easy-going days of cribs, rattles, and spitting up on people without a care (although we wouldn’t suggest doing that! Spitting up on people is never cool, even when you’re a baby. Sorry babies, but you’re going to have to do better!) Be the best baby you can possibly be with the help of your favorite beer and an oversized bottle.PRODUCT DETAILSThis bottle prop is sure to stop any adult from crying! Molded from plastic, this bottle features a pink cap and a top you can really sip from. It’s approximately 12-inches tall with an attached handle so it’s easy to carry even when you’re wobbly because babies are known for their impaired motor skills (and so are drunk people, but we digress…)CRY ABOUT IT Pink up a giant diaper and a bonnet to complete the look!