Pickle the Pug Comfy Critter Costume Blanket


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A Pug thingOur favorite thing about pugs? That tounge thing. Yup, no matter what a pug is up to, they’ve always got that cute little tounge hanging out. And it’s totally adorable!Pugs are great, but we’d like to introduce you to one who’s extra special in particular. Pickle the pug! No, he’s not a “real” dog, by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s still pretty important. And he can make a really great friend. And that’s because he’s a Comfy Critter!Yes, Comfy Critters are quite the awesome trend, as fun character blankets that fold up into a plush pillow. And kids love ’em! This Pickle the Pug blanket features the fun details of a pug, and it’s equally awesome as a pillow or a wrap. It also makes a pretty great friend for play time!Fun DetailsMade with 100 percent polyester fleece, this blanket is an authentic Comfy Critters product. Super soft, this blanket measure 47 inches by 36 inches, sized just right for kids. A soft-sculpted face pug face is built into the hood, so your kiddo can wear Pickle on their head for costume fun, or wrap it up for a fun pug plush. Comfy CrittersThis blanket comes from the Comfy Critters company, where they like to say that their products are “It’s a blanket. It’s a wrap. It’s a pillow. It’s a cap!” Yup, really all of the above if you ask us! Check out all of costume apparel and accessories to see all our great animal inspired looks. They’re sure to make play time extra fun!