Photoreal Pizza Slice Adult Costume


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All the Food GroupsIs there any food more perfect than pizza? Think about it for a second. Hamburger? Not even close. Baked potato? Yeah, right. Okay, ice cream gives pizza a pretty close run for its money, but we still think pizza may be the best food ever invented. It’s got a little bit of everything a growing body needs. It comes with sauce, cheese, veggies, and meat, all on a layer of bread. Basically, it has all of your favorite foods combined into a delightfully savory dish. It’s about time that someone showed pizza the respect it deserves… and that’s why it’s time for this Photoreal Pizza Slice Costume! It turns you into the most deliciously dressed person at any costume party!Product DetailsThis pepperoni pizza costume turns you into a mouthwatering piece of pizza! The adult costume comes with a tunic-style top made out of a combination of polyester material and polyurethane foam. The tunic fits with a fastener in the back and also has fabric ties to help you get a good fit. The front of the tunic has photorealistic imagery of a slice of pizza on it. One size its most, and you can even wear your normal clothes underneath, making it one of the easiest costumes to change into, and out of. It’s just one of our many food costumes to help you express your favorite flavors!Next Level Pizza NightsWhether you just want to be extra delicious on Halloween, or you want to turn pizza night at the house into a next-level kind of experience, then this pizza costume is the perfect choice. Pair up with 7 other slices and you can become a whole pizza pie… or check out our ice cream costumes to become a dinner made in heaven!