Peter Pan Infant Costume


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Never NeverlandWhen you lay your baby down each night, you take a moment to enjoy their quiet breathing and soft, chubby cheeks. It’s a joy to watch them grow. Each new milestone they meet makes you swell with pride. Every time they discover another sound they can make or respond to you in a new way makes you laugh just as hard as they do at a game of peek-a-boo. If you could, you’d keep them little forever.We get it. Babies are the best! Sweet, hilarious, and in constant awe of the world around them. The problem is, we only know one way of keeping kids from ever growing up. And sending your precious peanut to Neverland to live with Peter and the Lost Boys doesn’t let you enjoy your perma-baby. We can, however, help you make even more of each moment with your mini. Bring the fun of Neverland home, instead of finding the second star from the right and heading straight on ‘til morning, with this Peter Pan Infant Costume!Design & DetailsOur talented team of designers took care to create this exclusive look for your infant. Using super-soft Minky fabric for the hat and vest and jersey knit for the pants and attached sleeves, your baby will be as comfortable as they are in their regular play clothes. Felt accessories are appliqued to the costume to guarantee your sweetie looks just as cool as Peter without you worrying about loose parts. Easily get your baby into character with hook and loop closures down the back of the costume. And utilize the plastic snaps located at the inseam for easy diaper access.Adventures in NurserylandKeeping your baby little forever wouldn’t be near as fun watching them grow up. That doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to explore Neverland and stay young at heart together, though! So, trick-or-treat as Tink and Peter, style a creative 1st birthday photoshoot, or make playtime in the nursery extra-special with this Made By Us Peter Pan costume that’s ready for adventure!