Peanut Butter Jar Costume for Children


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Smooth OperatorYour kid has pulled off some serious hijinks in order to get more peanut butter. Which is great, cause these hijinks have built some convenient life skills. For instance, while they might have been “too full” to finish the broccoli cheese casserole they were served for dinner, they can negotiate with the skills of a top-paid lawyer in the kitchen only an hour after the dishes are put away. Those negotiations come up after school, during breakfast, and randomly throughout the day during summer vacation. We could say negotiating for a PB&J is your kid’s bread and butter! It’s a nod to all of your child’s hard work by serving them this adorable peanut butter costume. Might as well dress up as the thing you love the most, right?Product DetailsThis peanut butter costume is super easy to slip into. The look is bright and instantly recognizable. It’s a simple tunic that can be pulled over your kiddo’s everyday clothes. The high-quality fabric can be worn again and again so when Halloween is over it can be reused all sorts of events. It’s a great way to show off your kid’s fine taste!Go Ahead and Get JellyHave a whole household of peanut butter and jelly sandwich lovers on your hands? This costume can be paired with our children’s jelly jar costume to make sure your kiddos will have a group costume that they’ll never forget! This costume is adorable not only for Halloween but it would also be a cute way to promote your local food drive. And from now on, your child will have a great way to negotiate for their favorite after-school snack. Smooth protein and all the flavor you could ask for. How could you say no delightful peanut butter treat when they’ve gone through the trouble of throwing on this costume?