Peanut Butter Jar Costume For Adults


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Creamy, Dreamy PerfectionDo you want to know a secret? Of course, you do! Although, if you’re a veteran peanut butter lover, then you may already know. Here’s the secret, peanut butter can be added to anything! It’s not only for PB&Js and desserts (though if you add it to chocolate, you’ll always have a winner). Add a dollop of peanut butter to your spicy chili to bring all of your flavors together. Mix it up with pepper sauce, soy sauce, and a little water to make your stir fry more interesting and creamy. Do the same thing and pour it over your salad. And hey, you can even stir peanut butter into macaroni noodles with a little salt for a macaroni and cheese taste-alike! Basically, peanut butter is the hero of all condiments. Want to take on a character with flavor for your next costume party? This peanut butter tunic will be both fun and flavorful for any occasion!Product DetailsPutting on this costume is as easy putting together a peanut butter and jelly snack. Simply slip this tunic over your head over your own clothes and you’re ready to rock. The glossy structured tunic has a nutty character printed on the label, welcoming any of the obligatory nut jokes. Heading out as a team? We’ve got a Jelly Jar costume as well to make you and yours really stick!This Party’s a Picnic!Sometimes parties can be a little awkward. Not when you’re rocking a hilarious food costume. There will be plenty to talk about cause peanut butter enthusiasts are lurking in plain sight wherever you look! This Halloween, there’s no need to start sweating the social stuff. Stir things up with your ever versatile tasteful costume and watch as people flock to your side to talk about their favorite peanut butter treat. Bonus points if you bring snacks.