Peacock Flapper Headband


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Out of all the greatest eras of high fashion, There’s one that stands out above all the rest. You could even say that it “rules the roost.” Of course we’re talking about the wonderful fashion of the rebellious flappers from the 1920s. They smoked, drank whiskey, partied, and did all sorts of things the generation before liked to deem “unladylike.” Well we’re here to say that expressing yourself and using your newly found freedom to do whatever you want is for everyone! Not just the men. So we say, get out there! Do some awesome swing dances! Stay up until dawn while driving down the city streets! And, of course, dress fabulously. They loved to wear feathers in their hair back then, and we still can’t figure out why that ever went out of style. We need your help to bring it back with this Peacock Flapper Headband. The blue, white, and green are perfect to match almost any color, including those fantastic black dresses everyone was wearing in those days. Next all you’ll need is a fantastic pair of heels or flats, a flask to hide your bootlegged Canadian whiskey in and you won’t even need a time machine to go back to one of the best decades we’ve ever seen!