Peace Mini Dress Women’s Costume


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Meet a lady who has her priorities in order—neat, alphabetical order. Sure, she likes shopping and the occasional gossip session with the ladies (you know), but she likes to spend her time doing what’s important to her, too: spreading peace and happiness through mutual love and affection! This lady promotes positive vibes and a joyful lifestyle wherever she goes—from the beach to a protest to a college campus. Her sunny disposition is what makes this mini dress so delightful. So wear your brightest smile on your face, throw on this colorful costume, and start preaching about peace and happiness whenever the time is right, man. You’ll suddenly find that you are the most popular and adored socially-conscious girl in the room—or the park or at Berkeley, or wherever! We can’t scrounge up The Grateful Dead or The Beatles to play you an impromptu set, but we can at least provide you with a costume as colorful as your personality and as bright as your disposition. You cool with that? This 100% polyester Women’s Peace Mini Dress Costume features a sleeveless sheath minidress with a back zipper, overlapping panels that make you look wrapped in color, and a scarf to tie around your neck or a tree. You’ll have all the rock stars and protesters out there swooning once you slip into this, girl.