Paw Patrol Chase Comfy Critters Costume Blanket




Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of detectives. There’s the classic detective that looks great in houndstooth. Then there’s the little old lady detective that never seems to be too far from a mystery even though she lives in tiny villages. Then there are the silly ones who seem to always drop the ball yet also tend to stumble on the truth in the end. None of these detectives, not even one, are as cute as the police dog, chase. Sure, his missions might not be as serious as the work most detectives work on, he’s on a children’s show for goodness sake! That doesn’t make him any less smart. You’d be hard pressed to find a real life puppy with as good concentration as this one. Now, your little one can have their very own Chase the detective dog where ever they go. This deep blue blanket rolls into itself, making it a great pillow for road trips. If the air-conditioning proves to be a little too much they can wrap the blanket around themselves with the hood around their head. So, like Chase, whether they’re at home or traveling they’ll be prepared.