Paint Brush Accessory Kit Costume


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One Wild ‘DoEvery year, it seems like more and more people are dressing up as Bob Ross. They are inspired by his beautiful paintings and words of wisdom, and he is also such a recognizable figure. With his dark bushy hair and simple collared shirts, costumes inspired by him are easy to spot. But why go with the crowd? Why follow the trends? You can celebrate what Bob Ross loved most, which is the creative possibilities that lie in the paints. You’ll stand out from the crowd in this Paint Brush Costume Accessory Kit!Product DetailsThis kit comes with two giant accessories: a paint brush headpiece and a massive painter’s palette. The actual hat part of the headpiece is silver, representing the metal ferrule that holds the bristles in place. Above that, a spray of faux fur represents the bristles. It’s pretty hard to miss! The palette is also oversized and is the classic oval shape, with dabs of paint appliqued on it. There is a hole to make holding the palette easier as well. Now, what will you wear along with these pieces? That is entirely up to your personal, creative wishes!