“Ouch!” Knife Latex Applique Accessory


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Failing Home EcYou thought Home Economics would be an easy “A”. What could be so hard about learning how to do a load of laundry and cooking an omelet? But after a while, you got a little sassy, a little full of yourself. You started to show off a little. You folded towels into origami towels. You churned milkshakes while dancing about. Your glitzy ways were fine at first. But when you got to the knife skills portion of the class, you should have known that you needed to settle down. In fact, everyone in the class told you to settle down. But you had seen what the hibachi chefs did at your local Japanese steakhouse and you just had to try one of those knife flips! Those chefs made it look so easy. But it looks like you’re going to fail the chopped salad of Home Ec and you’ll be taking a trip to the hospital instead.Product DetailsThis horrific knife prop is the perfect look for Halloween! The lightweight latex handle is realistic looking with a wood grain patterned handle and metal details. Apply this prop with spirit gum to attach it to your skin. You’ll need spirit gum remover to detach the prop. Whether you’re dressing up as a zombie or a Home Economics dropout, you’ll have fun adding this knife to your costume!