Orange Tuxedo Costume for Kids


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Traditional black and white tuxedos are so “yesterday’s news!” You know what will help your kid really make an impression at formal events, these days? This exclusive Orange Tuxedo, of course! On the surface, this may seem like any other average tuxedo, like one you might wear to the supermarket or to a ballroom dance contest, only this one is orange. But underneath that tangerine-colored fabric is something far more exciting. Our researchers and designers spent ages scouring the earth for orange things in nature to give this nifty ensemble its bold color. They combined carrots and pumpkins, with cheddar cheese and goldfish (but just their color, we promise there is no fish or cheese stinking this tux up) to create the orange-eist orange possible. Once we had the color we were looking for, we knew it would make the perfect tuxedo! In addition to being as orange as a traffic cone full of cheese doodles, the design of this tux also looks pretty swanky. Your kid will look like a million bucks (or oranges) in this matching jacket and pants, which also have matching satin accents on the seams and lapels. The included dress shirt is also more orange than your wildest dreams, and features rows of ruffles and an attached bow tie. And, nothing tops off a formal outfit like the included matching top hat. They can even add matching orange dress shoes or a cane, if this still isn’t enough orange for them. This tuxedo is a fun option for any kid wanting the dashing look of a traditional tux, but with a modern flair that will definitely leave an impression!