Nude Starry Sky Women’s Tights


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Vintage WitchWhen you were told the theme was “vintage witch,” a few things ran through your head. Hooray! You’d get to stick to a classic character for Halloween. Easy! You already have a few staple accessories in your costume wardrobe. Vintage, huh? Could that mean something other than ancient magic clothed in all black garments that cover every inch of bare skin?Since you’re here, we’re assuming you answered, “yes!” Excellent! We love a traditional witch costume, but an update never hurts.Product DetailsBring your witch costume into a new decade with these Women’s Starry Sky Nude Tights! These sheer stockings feature an all-over design of black stars and polka-dots as if they were magicked right out of the 1950s. Made with a nylon-spandex blend and fit with an elastic waistband, this one-size-fits-most-adults accessory is an easy addition to your reimagined witch outfit. Worn under a short dress, skirt, or short-shorts, these tights offer a bit of coverage and protection from the chilly October air. Add a pair to your purchase, and you’re sure to look bewitching this Halloween season!Charming AccessoryEnsure your decorative tights collection is ready for any event with this Women’s Starry Sky Nude Tights. Featuring a retro-style print of stars and dots, this charming accessory makes a great addition to your costume or everyday wardrobe!