Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Men’s Luigi Deluxe Costume


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Bringing it BackWe remember it. Do you? Of course, we’re talking about the Luigi Death Stare. That Italian plumber takes his Mario Karting very seriously and he’s quite cutthroat when it comes to tossing turtle shells at his foes. But now… a lot of people seem to have forgotten about the Luigi Death Stare. If you haven’t forgotten either, then it’s up to you to remind the world of Luigi’s signature stare with this officially licensed Super Mario Bros Costume.Yes, when you dress up as the one and only Luigi, you can give everyone the famous stare, reminding everyone that you don’t mess with Luigi during a Mario Kart race!Product DetailsThis costume is an officially licensed outfit from Nintendo. It starts with a single piece jumpsuit that’s designed to look like Luigi’s overalls and his green shirt. It fits with a fastener in the back, making it a quick and easy costume! The white gloves stretch to fit and are one size fits most. The hat tops off the look, quite literally! It’s a matching green color and features a large “L” on the front. It fits with elastic in the back for easy fitting. The finishing piece to this costume comes in the form of the fake mustache, which is made out of synthetic fibers and fits with an adhesive strip on the back. It can be reused, but we recommend using spirit gum if you want to use it multiple times.It’s Death Stare TimeWhether you want to do a round or karting with your brother or you just want to remind everyone of the Luigi Death Stare, this costume is perfect! If you DO have a brother, just make sure to dress him up in one of our Mario costumes to match you!