Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Tiny Terror Walking Plush Doll


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life of the partyFreddy would be a welcome addition to any party, don’t you think? You might not think so, but have you considered the lived experience he can share from being inside all those dreams — he must have a good few stories and non sequiturs. The guy spends most of his time chasing after rude teenagers — but again, inside their dreams. We can only imagine what he’d do in your kitchen. We bet he double-dips his chips in the queso dip, the monster. What a nightmare!product detailsSo if you want to bring Freddy into your home, but don’t want to deal with the bad behavior he exhibited again and again in the movies, this little dude is your best bet. This officially licensed animated Nightmare on Elm Street Tiny Terror will walk and make sound when you press its sensor. Dare we say this murderous supervillain is even a little…cute?party favorThe good news: this is a tame version of Freddy to show of at a horror movie watch party or Halloween-themed party. Based on the iconic horror movie villain Freddy, set this guy at your kitchen table (as far away from the queso, to be safe) and let him tell all his gruesome stories.