Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Flip Down Beanie


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Protective Pumpkin KingHalloween Town may have his heart, but taking a close second are all Jack Skellington’s rabid fans. Hearing their gleeful cheers that spooky season is upon us and the weather will get cooler to fit the eerie mood brings a huge smile to his face. When his season or fans are messed with by, say, another holiday’s too-early arrival, that smile turns into a gruesome frown. It’s rather scary. But we’re left feeling well-assured that, given the chance, Jack would do anything to keep his adoring audience safe. That includes facing the bone-chilling freeze and sparkling light of Christmas Town’s annual and premature takeover.Product DescriptionPrepare for your favorite chilly season and the freeze of winter with this Jack Skellington Flip Down Beanie! This versatile accessory is just as protective of your head, face, and ears as Jack. While the weather is cool and perfectly spooky, keep the knit cap folded up to see Jack grinning along with you. When the weather and seasons change to that loathed merry and bright situation, Halloween Town residents learned not to mess with Jack unfolds to protect your face and eyes from the shine of twinkle lights and the nip of winter air. Officially licensed and ready to keep your holiday spirits up, this beanie is a must-have for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan!