Narwhal Costume for Men


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Unicorn Of The SeaYou are a rare being indeed. You’re the kind of friend folks dream of having in life. You’re helpful, thoughtful, resourceful, and funny. You try to be positive and giving at every turn. Like we said, you’re a real find! You know another rare and beautiful creature? The narwhal! These arctic whales have a nearly mythical reputation, not to mention a 9-foot tusk (that’s actually a highly sensitive front tooth!) that grows out of their head, Now, you probably don’t have the whole “giant spiral tooth coming out of your face” thing going on, but you’re a lot like a narwhal in other ways—you’re social, special, engaging, and folks are thrilled to see you whenever you appear! Don’t take our word for it. Slip into this Adult Narwhal Costume this Halloween and watch people practically line up to take a selfie with you. Just remember to come up for air every now and then and kick back and relax!Design & DetailsThis costume is probably a bit cozier than an actual narwhal, which is great for a land-based unicorn such as yourself. It’s comprised of a soft blue and white jumpsuit and matching shoe covers. (Fun Fact: did you know that a narwhal’s coloring changes as it ages? Newborns are blue and gray, adults are spotted dark gray, and elderly narwhals are nearly white!) The hood of this costume encircles your face and tops you off with a spiral tusk. Don’t worry, we designed this costume with a tusk that’s not quite as long as an actual narwhal’s; that could get pretty unwieldy at a party! Creature of HabitJust because you’re a narwhal now doesn’t mean you should give up being you. Just let this outfit remind you to be your rare, special self and we think you and this costume will get along swimmingly!