Mythical Skull Horned Mask


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Go To MeetingYou got the e-vite weeks ago and you RSVPed immediately. The more you thought about it, the more excited you got. Anyone who was anyone would be there. You knew what you were going to bring for an offering, a wreath of wolfsbane and devil’s apple would be a perfect centerpiece for the altar. You’ve got a babysitter to watch your hellhound. Now, all you have to figure out is what you’re going to wear. A long cloak is a given. But the real panache is in the headwear. Some go for a floral crown, others prefer a black veil that hides your whole face. If you really want to add a little occult flair to set the right tone as soon as you step into the unholy clearing, this goat skull crown is the way to go!Product DetailsThis mythical horned goat skull mask is a great choice for a variety of Halloween costumes from witches and warlocks to tough, battle-ready Vikings. The surface is molded with aged details as well as a bird skull mounted to the forehead (talk about your two-in-one!). Attaching to your face with an elastic strap, this creatively creepy mask is a great pick for costume parties and coven meetings alike!