Myself on an Elf Costume


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Are you ready for one heckuva night in Santa’s workshop? Make sure you have this Myself on an Elf Costume costume for some mischief and mayhem! It will give you a hilarious look that makes it look like you are riding one of Santa’s helpers, and it’s sure to be a fun costume whether you’re headed to the North Pole or just to your seasonal get together. If you’re looking to ring in some good times on both Halloween and Christmas Eve, look no further!This creative costume is crafted with a lot of fiberfill stuffing, and even more imagination! There’s and extra set of attached arms, and legs, and even a plush elf head so it really looks like you are riding an elf. Just tuck your legs into the velour “elf body” bottom, and wear it with a regular, everyday shirt. Make a hilarious surprise entrance at your big holiday get-together with this costume, and we’re sure you’re going to be stealing the show. Now, whatever other kinds of mischief you get into will be entirely up to you…