Ms. Bone Jangles Women’s Costume


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There’s no business like Bone businessWho knew the afterlife would be so gosh darned entertaining? Well, maybe we should have guessed. All the best performers from the silver screen era have passed on. So when you ran into Elvis and Marilyn Monroe chowing down on bacon and peanut butter sandwiches in the Hades dining hall, you were pleased but not surprised. Then you saw “the sign” on a bulletin board outside the angel cloud community center. It was a poster for the annual underworld talent show. As you folks have eternity on your hands, this is a long talent show. You watched Shakespeare perform his top ten sonnets. You saw Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera collaborate on a piece together. And you’ll never forget watching Louis Armstrong trumpeting from a storm cloud, sending rivets of rain down to earth. Long story short, you’re going to need a death-friendly outfit for your upcoming tap-dance routine and we have just the thing!Product DetailsThis skeletal costume will be a hit with both living and dead. Bone printed tank and leggings make a macabre statement with a show-stopping flair. The tailcoat jacket has red sequined cuffs and lapels. Top the look off with the jaunty little hat and you’ll be inspired for the show of an after lifetime!Toe-Tapping and tibia slappingMaybe you’re actually putting together a look for a Day of the Dead performance. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a fun twist for a skeleton costume. This number is fun enough for kid parties and dark enough to entertain more ghoulish revelers! The sequins and sparkles mixed with the bone make you feel like you’ve rested in peace long enough and now you’re ready to party. So go ahead, slip on those dancing shoes and show em’ what you got. You’ll entertain ’em or die trying!