Mr. Dinkles Trolls Accessory


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Best in ShowBiggie knows best when it comes to choosing a sweet… animal companion. What do we call Mr. Dinkles, anyway? Furbaby isn’t right, because the closest he gets to fur is sparkles. He’s closer than your typical pet, as he is a constant companion. It just might be that we don’t have a human equivalent to this wormy friend. That’s alright, it’s safe to say that Mr. Dinkles would get best-in-show in any Troll Gummi Worm pageant! What other worm has a better way with words and a sparkly gaze? Biggie knows it! Why else would he have such a wide variety of portraiture on his walls? Now you can take your own wormy portraiture with this Mr. Dinkles accessory. Just be warned, when it comes to crafting advice, this little fella will always tell you to add more sparkles!Product DetailsThis bright Mr. Dinkles Trolls accessory will have you imitating his high-pitched squeaks and elusive and surprisingly low voice. He has brightly colored stripes, a tall top hat, and blank eyes that truly sparkle. The perfect way to top off your Biggie Troll costume, this little fella can also be used to spread joy throughout the year in true Troll fashion!