Mossy Oak Orange Garter


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Are you sick of those boring old white garter belts at every wedding? Have you seen them and thought to yourself, “That will never be me.”? It’s cool, we totally get it. What’s cheesier than having some lame, ridiculous amount of white at your wedding? Sure it is all symbolic with the new beginnings and what not, but everybody does it! We think it might be time for a change, don’t you? Of course there are all those friends and family you have to satisfy somehow even though it’s your day about you (another thing we never understood about weddings). Well we can help you keep it a little individual still. Slip on this Mossy Oak garter with an orange bow, so you can show everybody who’s the boss right away. It’s got subdued camo print, so if you’re a big sporting enthusiast this is for you. Now if you can find a deer stand big enough for the entire wedding party…