Mossy Oak Garter


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Traditionally, camouflage aims to keep the peering eyes of people, predators, and prey alike off of you. Soldiers, hunters, and lovers of the outdoors around the world all use it for this explicit purpose. Step into some camouflage in the woods and, assuming you’re quiet, there’s not much chance of being seen.But who’s to say that camo can’t also attract the gazes he (or she!) craves?! Enter this Mossy Oak Garter. It’s a simple detail, but one that will likely go a long way toward making a lasting impression on her special occasion. If your date or fiancĂ© is wearing one of our Mossy Oak tuxedos, then this matching garter is an absolute must-have accessory for your stunning dress. With it, there’s no way you’ll get lost in the crowd!