Mossy Oak Camo Bridesmaid Clutch Purse


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There’s a little backwoods in all of us. For some, camouflage reigns supreme. That’s why when you dress up for that special occasion, you might just want a bit of camo flair to remind you of your love for the outdoors…even when you’re dressed to impress in formal wear.Are you planning to show up to your special event in a pick-up, an ATV or on a horse? It doesn’t matter because you’ll be making a statement that there’s still a bit of country in you even though you either look like you’re a princess…or ready to accept a film-acting award.Camo is absolutely timeless—and what better way to accessorize your wedding or prom than with a little backwoods charm? This authentic Mossy Oak Bridesmaid Clutch Purse is the perfect handbag for you, or your entire wedding party. Coordinate it with our complete line of exclusive accessories, or to accent his tuxedo. This officially-licensed clutch is the perfect way to stand out on your big day!