Morton Salt Girl Costume for Women


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Salt of the EarthHere’s a fun fact for you: The Morton Salt Girl has actually been spilling salt since 1914! (See? Isn’t it a good thing she always remembered her umbrella?) It’d be pretty difficult to estimate just how much salt she has spread since then, but we’d guess it was a lot! And she must have made a pretty good impression over the years, because she was the first girl icon to be inducted into the Advertising Week Walk of Fame on Madison Avenue in New York City in 2014! She’s become a recognizable character in every home.Design & DetailsWhile the Morton Salt Girl is usually a young girl, we think it’s fair to dress up like her as long as you’re young at heart. This Women’s Morton Salt Girl Costume is officially licensed, and comes with the look you need to bring the iconic mascot to life at your next costume party. The yellow dress features a swishy skirt, long sleeves and three cute buttons along the front. The umbrella has a yellow handle and a white canopy. Designed just like Morton’s iconic logo, this costume ensures that you’ll be cute-as-a-button whether it’s rain or shine! Just be careful not to spill the salt!Like Morton Salt always says, “When it rains… it pours!” But this time, it’ll be all the compliments raining down when you show up in our Made By Us Morton Salt Girl Costume!