Monkey Business Face Mask Accessory


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More Monkey BusinessYour personality could certainly be described as fun-loving. You are known in your crew as the true party animal and jokester and you’d like to keep it that way. Vivacious, playful, and energetic are all words often used to describe you. Class clown? Yep! Life of the party? You bet. You’re the kind of friend who could even manage to make moving day a hilarious romp. You’re truly one of a kind!It’s important, then, that you don’t let distance do your reputation in—just show up at the next barbecue wearing this Monkey Business Face Mask! It instantly tells people that you don’t take life too seriously, all while keeping you safe. It also makes a perfect addition to any monkey-themed Halloween costume, and will transform your face without face paint! Product DetailsThis double-layer mask is breathable, washable, and reusable. It has stretchy ear cords for a comfortable fit, and an inside pocket for an optional filter (the filter isn’t included, sorry!). Put it on and feel free to go bananas! Monkeys are known to be a bit wild and unpredictable, so make the most of your outdoor time with friends, all while looking and feeling like yourself!