Modern British Bobby Costume for Men


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PRACTICE YOUR BRITISH!The English have several terms that are unique from any other culture, even when some of those words are seemingly shared by other places.  The major ones, most already know.  You’re looking for the “loo” or the “wc” when nature calls.  Making sure a dessert restaurant has your seat is “booking for pudding.”  But, who knew that wankers need rubbers because idiots make mistakes and need to use erasers a lot?  Now, if you plan on working in Britain, there are even more things that you need to know.  Remember that trousers are pants and pants are underwear, so forgetting your British pants becomes a particularly embarrassing situation and might cause some folks to call for a Bobby!  Fortunately, with all your new proficiency in British slang, you’ll be ready to fancy dress as an officer rather than have one called to come and fetch you! DESIGN & DETAILSOur designers had to take a full course just to get ready to put together this Police Kit (Uniform) and we’re sure that you’re going to love it.  The exclusive British Bobby Costume has all the clothing articles you’ll need to pull off a convincing officer look.  The poplin shirt is a great base and the foam-backed gilet (a British vest) fastens at the right seam.  A neckband keeps you looking professional without needing a rollneck and the plastic helmet and badge are designed to show some real authority.  You’ll be on good form in this awesome look!A JAMMY NUTTER BOBBY!At this point, some of the British lingo might be tough to grasp, but one thing that you can feel confident about is that you’re going to look professional and pomp when you’re in this exclusive British Bobby Costume.  Just remember:  Crisps are chips and Chips are fries, but we have no idea what flapjacks are.