Miss Monarch Women’s Costume


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Butterfly BusinessSometimes, a butterfly has to take care of business. Sure, flying around a meadow, looking lovely, and acting as a pollinator is a whole lotta fun, but that don’t pay the bills. Yessir, when Monday rolls around, Monarch Butterflies suit up just the rest of us and head to work.But, today’s not that day! Nope, no sir, not a chance. Because, first, we’re gonna get you into this Miss Monarch costume. And, second, we’re gonna suggest that you do whatever kind of fun stuff you can think of! Take a delightful trip to the park, head to a party to show off your wings, or hit the late night costume party scene. With this costume, you’re going to be the butterfly, and the fun is up to you!Product DetailsThis costume comes styled as a dress with wings. It has a corset styled upper, complete with ribbon accents. The orange skirt section has tiered tulle layers, and a black-and-white polka dot overlay. This costume also, of course, features super-sized monarch wings, that you can hold out for a dramatic effect. The vibrant and bold color scheme of the Monarch butterfly theme is sure to have you standing out, wherever you should choose to wear it!Cool CreaturesWe think butterflies are pretty cool around these parts, which is why we’re proud to offer awesome costume dresses like this Women’s Miss Monarch Costume. Of course, we think other bugs and insects are pretty awesome, too, so we’ve got a wide variety of costume styles from the insect world. Check them all out to make an informed decision or to shop for your friends and family. Whichever style you choose, we’re sure you’re going to look fantastic with wings! (Or antennae! Or a stinger!!)