Minions Fart N’ Fire Accessory


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Minion Madness The Minions are at it again! Those tiny yellow agents of chaos are hard at work, trying to help their beloved master Gru in his quest for world domination! They’re eager to please, but sometimes their willingness to help is hampered by the fact that they’re usually adorably clueless. Their recent brilliant invention is a case in point. Gru needed a dart gun to tranquilize a security guard, and what did they make him? No one can deny that it’s a marvel of engineering…but…Product Details Get ready for a very different kind of 21-gun salute! This officially licensed minion Fart N’ Fire Costume Accessory is a gas, whether you use it to confound your enemies or simply add some giggles to your everyday life. The accessory is programmed with 20 different fart sounds (bet you didn’t know there were that many!), plus laughter effects. Ready, set, fire!