Military General Costume for Women


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Ten Hut! Attention! It’s time for duty. And we’re not talking about just any duty here. We’re talking about taking command of a military platoon. It takes the top folks of the highest caliber to lead in the military, but we’re sure you’ve got what it takes. You are up for the task, right? All you’ll need to do to take command is to outfit yourself with this women’s Military General Costume. With real deal style in a cute and form flattering romper, you’ll have the style to command thousands of soldiers!First things first, we’re going to have to get you to boot camp. And just what are you going to do when you get there? We think you’re going to find one heckuva party! You, of course, will be in charge of commanding the festivities, so we’re sure that you will be a most excellent supreme commander in these elite party threads. This costume is styled as a romper, and it fits with a concealed front zipper, while faux decorative buttons give the impression of a military shirt.Red trim, embroidered military style emblems, and wet look finish details add a signature style to this sexy costume. 100 percent polyester with stretch for the perfect fit, this style will have you decked out as an elite general. Just complete the style with the included hat and gloves, and use your own favorite pair of boots to complete the style. You’ll be able to order around all the troops at the party, so we’re sure the fun’s going to be all yours!