Microwave Door Peel ‘N Place Zombie Cover


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Unexpected SnackEveryone knows that snacking during the zombie apocalypse can be tricky. You never know what you’re going to find when you go rustling about in abandoned houses for something to snack on. You might find an ancient zombie locked away in a bedroom or a can of pudding that’s as big as your head in the back of a cupboard. Just like life, it could be good or bad news everywhere you turn. Everyone who’s seen a post-apocalyptic movie knows not to open the refrigerator. Everything left inside is sure to be stinky. But every once in a while, you might find out that a microwave is also a place you want to avoid. For instance, some sick may have put an undead head in there to scare you as if preparing for a Halloween party. What? Oh, that was a Halloween decoration? Oh, top marks, then!Product DetailsThis vinyl sticker is easy to place over the door of your microwave and remove when the spooky festivities are over. Add the bloody fingerprints over microwave buttons and the surfaces of your kitchen to complete the eerie scene. Follow the included instructions and you’ll be able to reuse these queazy, post-apocalyptic vinyl stickers!