Mickey Mouse Knit Cuff Beanie w/ Gloves Set


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Winterize Your ChildIt’s a struggle! Keeping your child prepared for the weather is a full-time job. For some reason, kids never seem to want to wear their coats and getting them to put on their hat and gloves? Well, that can seem like an exercise in futility sometimes. The good news is that Mickey Mouse is here to help you out! This cute hat and gloves set will have your little one excited to wear their cold weather gear!Product DetailsThis Mickey Mouse Knit Cuff Beanie and Glove Set is officially licensed from Disney and both pieces are designed to make your child look like the iconic mouse. The hat is black and has round little ears attached to the top, just like Mickey’s and the red cuff matches his shorts. The gloves are white and feature the black stripes that Mickey’s glove have in the cartoons.Winter? Oh, Boy!When your child has this cute hat and gloves set, it might just be a lot easier to get them to wear their winter wear. They may be so in love with this Disney hat and gloves set, you may have a difficult time getting them to take them off!