Mermaids Button 4-Pack Set


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Meeting MermaidsOur search continues. We’ve sailed the seven seas, navigated dangerous waters, and crossed the great Pacific Ocean, and we’ve still never seen a mermaid! It’s a bit of a bummer, but our efforts were not in vain. We did find these ultra-cool Mermaid Buttons, so we’re going to count our travels as a win, even if we didn’t get to meet any real mermaids.Product DetailsThis lovely button set comes with 4 themed buttons, each with a unique design. Each one has a different phrase on the front, including “I heart mermaids”, “We mermaid for each other”, “Mermaid on duty”, and “I’m actually a mermaid”. Each button measures 1.25 inches in diameter and has a safety pin style back. You can wear them with any outfit, toss them on your backpack, or you can even add them to your mermaid costume.The Search Must Continue!If you love mermaids or if you just need some cool new buttons to snazzy up your style, then give these a try. We’ll continue our search for real mermaids and if we ever meet one, we’ll give you an update on our travels! Until then, you can wear these mermaid buttons!