Mermaid Stencil and Makeup Kit


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On a Different ScaleFairytales deliver some interesting characters. There are a hundred different kinds of fairies that work through all sorts of elements from water, air, and those little red dotted mushroom caps we all saw in fairy tale books. There are sea monsters that have fierce beast faces with fins for feet. Or there are those sea creatures that turn into a beautiful woman when their seal skins are hidden from them. And let’s not forget the leprechauns, minotaurs, and unicorns. But here’s the thing, no creature can beat the amazing, mystifying mermaid. If you want to become a fairy tale creature on a whole new scale, then you’ve got to choose to be a mermaid! Product DetailsComplement your gorgeous mermaid costume with sparkling makeup and a unique stencil to create a fishy yet gorgeous look on your skin. The kit includes a stencil, application brush, makeup, and glitter with adhesive to make sure you’ve got both color and sparkle to your look. Taking the DiveWant to embrace your amazing new mermaid persona? We have plenty of mermaid accessories to customize your mermaid persona. From tridents to jewelry and seaweed boas, you’ll see soon enough that your inner mermaid persona will run deep!